Together we are strong !!!

Healthy and good dogs are our goal.
This goal one breeder will never achieve alone.
Only with working together and exchanging experiences it will be possible to preserve, maintain or improve the characteristic breed of a bulldog.
Therefore this club was established. The bulldogs will be registered and recorded.
Breeders and owners as well are able to interchange on this website. Tipps concerning raising and care of puppies and many more will be passed from experienced breeders to the buyers and colleagues. Although the club is dealing with the advise and the arranging of interested buyers of puppies.
Furthermore it exists a close co-operation between other bulldog clubs all over Europe. These clubs were founded with the same principles. All clubs have a close contact and the same motto:
"together instead of against each other"
"what we can't achieve alone we achieve together".
The "Deutscher Bulldog Club" and other clubs will take action in these mottos in Europe. With this community of clubs we stand for the breed and have the goal to improve it. Activities like shows, seminars about training and education will be given through the club. Workshops for different kind a sports can be offered.
Experts for typing and testing the characteristics are available. Therefore we pay regular attention to our contacts.
If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to contact us.
Your Club-Team